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Last Words

Last Words

I was supposed to be reviewing, but I ended up writing a poem for you. Do you think I will let dedications be unanswered?



I wrote this one night, when I am worn out and tired. And like always, inspiration comes to me easier that way.

The World of Cans

The World of Cans

This isn’t one of my best works, but I let me post it all the same. I dedicate it to my favorite painter, Vincent Van Gogh.

Haiku no. 5



Haiku 4

Haiku 4

And Again We Write

And Again We Write

A metaphor for all the writers. 😀

WINE: An Acrostic

WINE: An Acrostic

Down Goes the Maestro


The foolish old Maestro

adamant before the crowd

‘tap tap’ we hear the cue

but still there is no sound.

Waving his tyrannical arms

produced only a wave of frowns.

Futile! No symphony shall resound

not a note shall hum from the top.

Foolish old Maestro

Surely you have already heard

that some orchestras in conduct

chooses its own time to start.


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Disclaimer: I am not saying that this amazing music prodigy is the mentioned Maestro in the poem, his picture just serves the best purpose.


I wonder what its like to be normal. Waking up late, around noon-ish because no teenager is awake early.  Upload a photo of my brunch waffles on instagram, and say how my sleep was awful on twitter. Take photos of myself now and then. Then I’d go out with friends because there is nothing else to do and its fun! Or I would stay at home: watch a whole series in four days, movie marathon. play video games despite starvation or text til my fingers are tired.

I wonder what it feels to have that life.